Live-in Caregiver

This program is designed solely for people who would live in employers’ house and would take care of them.

Canada has a large elderly population. Canadians ‘by culture’ are very kind and they care about elderly people. There are hundreds of special houses who elderly people are living there and being taken care of there by experienced staff, known as personal caregivers. This houses are in shortage of employees. Also some of elderly people who live in their own houses, need somebody to take care of them too. There is a growing demand for personal caregivers in Canada. That is the reason for this category introduced by Canadian Immigration authorities.

The applicants for Live-in Caregiver program must meet some condition such as accepted level of language, educational and relevant experience

If applicant lives outside of Canada and applying for work permit in “Live-in Caregiver” category:

To apply for his program, there are three stages. Which are:

  1. Obtaining a job offer from a qualified Canadian employer
  2. Obtaining the approval of the job offer from Canada Human Resources Department
  3. Obtaining the work permit from a visa office.
If applicant lives inside Canada:

This program is designed for those work permit holders who are living currently in Canada and were employed in Canada for two years or more as live-in caregivers.

These caregivers are eligible to apply for the Canadian Permanent Resident Status from within Canada without leaving Canada.