Settlement Services

Our company’s duties toward its clients its clients is not ending when they arrive to Canada.

Starting new life in a new country can be very hard and stressful in beginning. Not knowing local customs and rules, not being familiar with new place of living surroundings and, could be overwhelm the new immigrants or students.

To facilitate our clients’ adjustment in this transitional phase, we are offering to provide clients with services such as:

  • Pre-arrival consulting on what they can bring with themselves to Canada
  • Picking up at the airport
  • Helping them on finding suitable rental house or apartment
  • Opening bank accounts
  • Getting a Social Insurance Number and Driver's License and Getting Health Insurance Card
  • Helping them to buy a car and getting car insurance
  • Employment search
  • Applying for Citizenship
  • Renewal of PR Card

And any other needs they might have when they arrive to Canada