Temporary Resident Visa (Touristic Visa)

A Canadian tourist visa is a type of temporary resident visa (TRV) in Canada and is one of the legal ways to enter the country. The official name for Canadian tourist visa is a temporary residence visa, but it is commonly known as a Canadian tourist visa.

  1. Get enrolled in training courses related to their business and receive a related certificate, (The only restriction for participating in these training courses is that their duration is less than 6 months.)
  2. By being physically in Canada, They will have the opportunity to receive a job offer
  3. Also the applicant should Meet minimum language levels in English or French
  4. They can check investment opportunities in Canada if you are interested in investing.
There are different types of Canadian tourist visas with different durations such as:
  1. Single Entry Visa which is valid visa for only one entry into the country). This type of visa only allows entry to Canada for one time and if you need a second visa, you must apply for a visa again.
  2. Multiple Entry Visa which is valid visa for multiple entry into Canada. This type of visa is issued to allow multiple entry into Canada. In the last few years. A very important point about this type of visa that should be said is that although the name of this visa is "5 year visa", but the actual validity of this visa depends on the validity period of applies’ passport.
  3. Visa for parents and grandparents